Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Conditions Report 1-11-12 Ouray Specific

So for those who didn't go to the Ouray Ice Festival, you missed out. It's a great time to see friends, meet new ones, check out some gear, hang out in some hot springs...oh and climb ice when you can get at it. While the Ice Park was crowded there was still ice that one could get at if you've got good people skills. Things seemed a little lean and hacked up but it's the Ice Park, what do you expect? You don't go to Ice Fest to climb.

I did have a couple buddies head up Bird Brain Boulevard. They said it had good neve snow and the pillar was in but delicate. The pictures they had made it look pretty scrappy. The Ribbon is in with a hacked up and thin first pitch but the rest is in well. The Skylight area had some good ice. Skylight had ice through the first pitch. Everything was pretty chandeliered and kind of thin. Hopefully the colder temps will help things freeze up. The mixed climbing was fun though.

Red Mountain Pass has good ice on the south side of the road but pretty much nothingn on the north. Gravity's, Kennedy's, all that is not even close. Horsetail Falls was in but wet, Bear Creek was running with the top being mostly a waterfall. French Slab was in, probably wet. If it has sun exposure then good luck. Things are cooling down though so there may be hope yet.

There's not even that much snow for skiing. Sounds like we may have to wait a while for skiing to come into good conditions as well. Not a lot of pictures, sorry, maybe next time.

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